Work Orders

Work Orders allow an agency to track work performed on each asset. Work records can be entered, stored, and shared between all users. Features of Work Orders include;

  • Track detailed information about work to enhance quality control
  • Keep up with Customer Service Request
  • Track damage claims
  • Before and after photos of work can be taken from InfraTrak and saved in work reports
  • Weather conditions can be tracked
  • Linked to Asset Condition Assessment to keep this information updated

Work Order

Time/Costs Tracking

Time and Costs tracking are essential to ensuring your agency’s goals stay on time and within budget. These tracking tools are intuitive and include features to make time entry a snap. Features of Time/Costs Tracking include;

  • Ability to import current data and cost information
  • An intuitive user interface to make short work of time entry
  • Linked to Assets and Work Orders so managers can track expenditures along with their results
  • Feeds data straight to budgeting reports to keep budgets live