What is InfraTrak ?

  • A portable Asset Management App
  • iPad based app with web and app based reporting
  • GIS Interface
  • Assets are overlaid on aerial maps
  • Digitized, interactive set of field plans
  • Perpetual asset lifecycle tracking
  • Consolidate legal pads and spreadsheets
  • Works without internet connection
  • Inventory Based (compatible with shapefiles)
  • A source of field reference material (construction plans can be uploaded to the app for use in the field)
Infratrak app photo

Infratrak app photo

What does InfraTrak do ?

  • Tracks and Measures Asset Performance in Real Time
  • Inventory is fed into the system then the asset management process begins using;
    • Asset Condition Assessments
    • Plans
    • Work Orders
    • Timesheets
    • Reports
  • The tracking does not stop at work order completion
  • Used through the lifecycle of all assets
Infratrak app photo


  • Gets you ahead of the curve for MAP-21
  • Real time status/condition of assets
  • Real time reporting of expenditures
  • Real time mobile access
  • One Program –All Assets